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About Axys Rotary:

Dan started Axys in 2012 (Vital Tattoo Machines at the time).  In the beginning it was a work focused on improving the coil tattoo machine.  This work set off a chain of events which has persisted long enough to evolve into a brand with a powerful reputation.  Axys Rotary works to bring the best technology to the best artists in the tattoo community.

Along the way this project has involved some great people who joined in to help make the company a success. Those people, mostly tattoo artists, cannot be thanked enough. They know who they are and many of them are still here today, incredibly supportive and loyal.

Before Dan began building tattoo machines he was a professional tool and die maker.  After 14+ years experience from creating highly functional physical parts, working closely with clients in the fields of medicine, automotive, government and robotics he was prepared to take on new challenges in the tattoo industry.  In 2015, with 3 years invested in tattoo machine building, he was spotted by Kingpin Tattoo Supply and offered the challenge of bringing in-house machining capabilities to the company.  Dan spent one year there working as production manager, in which time he set up a machine shop fully capable of making all of Kingpin’s machined parts and pulling all of their jobs, quality control and scheduling, in-house where it best served the customer.

When the job there was done he set out on his own again to place Axys Rotary front and center, where it belonged.

This company serves the community.  Quality, service and integrity have always been, and always will be the attributes Axys Rotary is well known for.  If you are a customer, you own that – and we’re proud that you do.

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