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Axys distributors are chosen for their commitment to professionals and their commitment to service.

Needlejig – USA
axys distributor
Starr – UK
Electrum – USA
axys distributor
Pulse – USA
axys distributor
Kingpin – USA
Xtreme – Canada
axys distributor
Lundberg – Sweden
5th Avenue – USA
Jolly Roger – USA
Tommy’s – USA
Rockstar – USA
Element – USA
Helios – USA
Medieval – USA
TCB Supply – USA
Needle Supply – USA











Needlejig Tattoo Supply
Kingpin Tattoo Supply
Electrum Supply
Element Tattoo Supply
5th Avenue Tattoo Supply
Medieval Irons Tattoo Supply

Needle Supply
Jolly Roger Tattoo Supplies
Rockstar Ready Tattoo Supplies
Tommy’s Supplies
Helios Tattoo
TCB Tattoo Supply

Xtreme Tattoo Supply

Starr Tattoo Supplies

Lundberg Custom

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