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We can be reached anytime by email:  [email protected]

Call or Text, Mon-Friday 10am-7pm EST 855-955-AXYS (2997)

Axys Rotary
PO Box 11581
Lexington, KY 40576

**To send a simple message, use the second form below**

Every Axys Machine is warrantied for 1 year after the date of its sale to you whether its purchased from us or from one of our distributors.

Warranty covers any mechanical failure due to manufacturing defects.

Warranty does not cover damage.

If there is a problem with your machine covered by warranty it will be handled immediately and at no cost to you.

-To claim warranty repair you must fill out the form below. The address you provide in the form is the address your machine will be returned to so be sure it’s the correct address. Make sure you provide contact information we can reach you with in case we need to.

-If you have spoken with us and you have a valid warranty issue, we will send you a return label so it costs you nothing to return the machine for repair! In any case you can always send your machine to the above address.

-If you need to pay for service, click here

There is no need to print this form. Simply click ‘Submit’ and we will have it in our records.

Thank you very much!


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