Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions

Who is allowed to purchase?

Professional tattoo artists.  Every customer is checked before shipping to find verification that they are a professional. In the event an order has been placed and the customer has failed validation the order will be refunded and canceled. Apprentices are allowed to purchase if they can provide proof of their affiliation with the shop they are apprenticing in.

Are your machines warrantied?

All machines are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturer defects.  Under normal operating conditions these include failure to operate, and malfunction due to defective parts.  If your machine is suffering and it’s our fault we will fix the problem for you at our cost, including return shipping.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Please allow 2 to 3 days processing time once you have placed your order. When we receive a new order, we first confirm professional status of the artist. Machines are always tested before we ship them out to ensure quality.  If there is a longer delay than the initial processing time,  you will be notified.

What shipping carriers do you use?

UPS and USPS.  No matter where you live we will reach you at the most affordable rate possible.

We also ship international and have no difficulty accepting international payments.

How do I order and what forms of payment do you take?

Online or through our distributors

Your payment information is encrypted and transmitted securely – this is an SSL protected website.

We take:

  • All major credit cards through our Site or through Paypal
  • Paypal

International customers are welcomed! But be aware that you are subject to your country’s import taxes. You may be charged accordingly by the customs department in your country. We can’t help with this.


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