Legacy Needle Cartridges by Needlejig

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20 Per Box

After years of study, Needlejig has released Legacy Needle Cartridges. Now you can get their famous quality needles in the convenient cartridge form.

These are the same needles that so many have loved for more than a decade, manufactured by Needlejig.  More than just the same cartridge with a different label…

These cartridges utilize Needlejig’s most popular sizes on traditional needles to get you the results that you and your clients deserve.

20 Per Box

Additional information

Needle Configuration

1009RM – 9 Needle #10 Round Magnum Bugpin, 1011RM – 11 Needle #10 Round Magnum Bugpin, 1205RL – 5 Needle #12 Tight Liner, 1207RLB – 7 Needle #12 Standard Liner, 1215RM – 15 Needle #12 Round Magnum, 1207RL – 7 Needle #12 Tight Liner, 1208RS – 8 Needle #12 Round Shader, 1209RLB – 9 Needle #12 Standard Liner, 1211RM – 11 Needle #12 Round Magnum