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Direct Drive

● The direct drive has the ability to use any needle/tube or grip currently available
● Additional quick change motor modules available for making cam changes a snap
● A powerful Swiss motor starts and drives cartridges all the way down to 4 volts and 50 cycles per second without stalling
● Comes with 3.2mm, 3.7mm and 4.3mm cams
● Simple construction
● Frame and vise can be autoclaved
● Constructed of anodized Aluminum
● Comes with 25ct pack of black #8 rubber bands and a plunger bar for screw on style cartridge grips
● 1 year warranty

Outstanding Qualities

The direct drive is our workhorse, its almost feels like there’s nothing this machine can’t do.  To begin with, it can work from as low and slow as 4 volts, all the way up to 12, and never be starved for power. This is because it uses a motor with plenty of torque where it needs it, thank Maxon.  Whatever grouping you want to run you can do it with low vibration and quiet, smooth operation.

Utility & Cleanliness

When your machine works for you and never says “no”, you are free to be an artist.  Combine the fact that the direct drive has plenty of power, plus it comes with 3 strokes; There’s barely anything you can’t do with it. With a more conventional weight and feel, weighing 4.5 ounces, it makes a great liner, probably the best rotary for lining you can get.  If you decide you’d like to have an extra motor module to pair with one of your 3 cams you’ll be able to switch strokes with a twist and lock, no tools.  That’s almost as nice as knowing there’s no maintenance to do on the machine, so no lube.  Get an extra frame, collet and vise nut and now you can have pre-sterilized equipment since you can autoclave the frame and vise.

Because it’s maintenance free and warrantied for 1 year after sale you should never expect to factor in downtime as a hidden cost.  Compared to other direct drives it is the cleanest around.  It uses good old *disposable* rubber bands instead of tension gadgets that are hard if not impossible to clean.  Additionally, it’s enclosed as much as a direct drive can be which greatly reduces the amount of dirt that can get into or out of the machine.

See all the other colors we offer; we come up with new things all the time! If there’s a color you’ve seen but can’t find on our site then check out our distributors. Have a look at our artists page sometime so you can see the work these machines are doing. Finally, see the FAQ, Terms and Conditions, or contact us any time if you have any questions.

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