Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome. If you use axysrotary.com you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms prospectively. Before using our site or interacting with us in any manner of business we recommend reading the following terms and conditions. Doing so will allow you to know your rights and privileges if you ever need to receive service or make requests after having used our site or made a transaction.



The only personal information we collect is information you intentionally give us such as name, address, telephone number etc. This is kept only as a matter of transactional record and for fulfilling your order.


Mailing List

By giving us your email address you will be automatically enrolled in our mailing list. If you wish to be removed from it at any time you can simply and easily remove yourself by requesting to do so from any of the emails we send to you. Your request to be removed will automatically and instantly be processed with no questions asked.


Cookies are bits of information related to the use of a website which are stored on your device. Axysrotary.com uses a minimal amount of cookies to service your browsing requests. Cookies may gather diagnostic and usage information. Cookies also allow you to customize your experience on our site. Cookies are not used to collect your personal information.


The only time we would share your information is if forced to do so by law or for the purposes of investigating and/or preventing fraud.


Axysrotary.com is an encrypted, secure website designed to keep your personal information secure. Your personal information is only accessible to yourself and select members of the company who have administrative privilege.


If you have any need to reach us for clarity on any of these issues, please do so by emailing [email protected] or by calling 855-955-2997

Returns for refund

Because it is entirely unethical to accept returns on used tattoo equipment, we do not. However, if you decide your purchased equipment is unsatisfactory upon initial unboxing and inspection and you wish to return it you may do so as long as it has not been damaged or used. We will refund you providing our inspection of the returned items in question convinces us they have been undamaged and unused. If we decide otherwise we may return them to you without refund.


In the rare case you receive a defective product we will seek resolution of the issue in the way that best suits you. Typically this is a return and replacement but may also involve repair or shipment of replacement components if it involves something easily replaceable. Our goal is to leave you down for as little time as possible. We will be very quick to contact/respond if anything of this nature arises.


All items we manufacture are warrantied for one year from the date of sale. Warranty covers items as they come to you but will not cover damages to items in your possession. To claim warranty you will be required to provide proof of purchase whether it was a purchase made with us or with our distributors. Warranty is transferrable so if you acquired your item through another artist you may still claim warranty if you can provide proof of the original purchase.
To claim warranty you will need to fill out the online form on our site and send in your item with proof of purchase. Once your item is received it will promptly be inspected and evaluated. If it is deemed a warranty issue it will be repaired free of charge and sent back to you within a maximum of 7 business days. If it is not deemed a warranty issue you will be contacted regarding repair.


We charge a minimal labor fee for repair of $15.  Any parts necessary in the repair will be added to the total, at cost, meaning we charge you what the parts cost us. The total bill can also include return shipping. We will be in close contact with you throughout the repair process. To have an item repaired you will need to fill out the online repair form on our site and send it in to us. Once it is received it will be processed and sent back to you inside a maximum window of 7 business days.


Using this site means you agree to the above terms and conditions. If you wish not to abide by these terms or disagree with them in any way then you should not use this site or do business with us.

If you have any need to reach us for clarity on any of these issues, please do so by emailing [email protected] or by calling 855-955-2997

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