Axys Rotary tattoo machines

the Valhalla's little sister

-The Valhalla with "give"
-Adjustable Stroke from 1.9 - 3.2mm
-Swiss Maxon motor
-Lighter and Shorter
-Excels at Black&Gray and PMU

valkyr lettering

The worlds greatest Pen

-Adjustable Stroke from 2.5 - 4.2mm
-Adjustable grip
-Powerful Maxon motor

pen tattoo machines

Size, balance and versatility

Combines the best aspects of a pen with the benefits of a more conventional machine.
Used by pros the world over.

fehu tattoo machines

Smooth - Simple - Strong

-Wildly versatile:
-Powerful from 3-12 Volts
-Comes with 3 strokes
-Uses any grip and any needle, conventional or cartridge

direct drive tattoo machines
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